Haven't figured everything out yet. Pizzatarian. Huge fan of gourmet food trucks and food. Music is my 1st love. It brings me happiness so I'm always looking for new bands to listen too. Reading is my 2nd. I can be found in the local Library or a Used Book Store. Usually post pictues of food and drinks I'm enjoying w/ friends. Art, Fashion meets food. Sometimes randomness (if it's even a word) takes over. Let's paint the town red.

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As the grey sky opens my heart sings
I carry a torch as the New Year rings
And I still feel the same after all this time
A future of the past on my mind

And I’ll wait for you
As the cold rain falls
The Earth falls away
But my heart is true

Tonight I remember what it was like
To hear the rain’s song when you were mine
Now here in this silence my heart dies
Saved by the roar of a broken sky

By  As The Cold Rain Falls Tiger Army